The Clinic was founded in 2003 by Dr Karolina Kazalo

Dr Karolina Kazalo gradueted from the Medical University in Poznan - dental faculty in 2000
after five years of study.
The dentists
in the clinic specialise in:
   * general dentistry
   * surgery,
   * prosthetics,
   * endodontics,
   * paedodontics.
We up date der knowledge of dentistry area by participating in different lectures, conferences,
 fairs, interships in Poland and abroad, for example in Austria, Germany, and U.S.A.
We are supported by Professional Dental Assistants, who assist us, create a pleasant atmosthere.
Our dental clinic cooperate with the best dental laboratories. We have up to date high quality dental
equipment, use the latest dental materials, perform modern and optimum solutions in prosthodontics.
We offer a wide spectrum of dental services:
   * general dentistry: light-activated fillings, ceramic, gold,
   * prosthetics: crowns, ceramic bridges, bracket dentures, sceleted dentures, complete dentures, elastic dentures
   * cosmetic dentistry: whitening, teeth shape changing using general dentistry, prosthetics., removing of tarter
   * paedodontics: coloured fillings, sealents, fluor aplication


Our specialists always search, and use the latest dental technologies, equipment, materials.
Some of them are:
   * intra-oral camera - using an intraoral camera allows patients to better understand their
dental needs by seeing what the dentist sees and then having it explained,
   * elastic removable dentures - comfortable, elastic (without any brackets),
   * coloured fillings - for children,
   * teeth jewelery.
Our clinic fulfils high European standards concerning hygiene, sterility, which allows us to
guarantee health for all our patients.
We have expierience in treating patients from abroad, eg. Germany, Austria, Sweden, Holland, Enland,
Danemark. Our clinic gives guarantee and invoices for all services undertaken.